With a wide range of value added services, KMD International can take care of all your factory relocation, machinery rigging and freight forwarding requirements.


Professional and trained machinery riggers and millwrights are added to our logistics team to move fab equipment in and out of labs and factories globally. Our riggers are experienced in clean room protocols and are capable of safely moving machines and peripheral equipment in and out of challenging locations.

De- & Re-Commissioning Tools & Equipment

KMD International adds tool engineering services to the relocation process, including decontamination, disassembly, de-installation, and re-commissioning at the new location. We draw upon a large pool of OEM trained field service technicians to ensure quality processes for equipment de- and re-installation.

Packaging & Crating

Significant emphasis is placed on proper packaging of delicate manufacturing machinery. We employ trained packing professionals throughout the world to carefully design crates for fab equipment, including vapor barrier bagging, desiccant, foam cushioning, floating deck bases, proper weight support and distribution, internal bracing and securing, utilization of shockwatches, and marking and labeling. Our packing adheres to ISPM15 standards for international shipping.

Warehousing & Distribution

KMD International will provide short- or long-term secure warehousing for machines and equipment. We manage clients’ warehousing needs in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and throughout the world. Climate-controlled warehousing is provided in certain markets. We arrange distribution of machines direct to our customer's clients.

Project Management

KMD International builds teams of specialists, under our management, to undertake sophisticated factory relocations, ramp-ups, or closures. We work with our clients to establish critical timeframe, budgetary, and Scope of Work parameters, and set out to execute the equipment relocation or delivery. Our overarching goal, on all projects, is the safety of personnel, assets, and facilities at all times.